Structured to unlock your creativity!

No more creative blocks!

  • In this course you will be shown a clear working structure to get the most from your painting. Whether you're beginner or pro, having a well defined process to follow means you never have creative blocks again!

Detailed Tutorials

  • At the beginning of each week you will receive video tutorials with in-depth demonstrations giving you all the information you need for that week’s work. These detailed demonstrations are like being on an in-person workshop except better because you can watch and re-watch at your leisure.

Time to work

  • You will have a full week to complete the tasks I set you in the videos, meaning you are able to work at a relaxed pace and get plenty done. You may want to work for a couple of days or spend all week on the assignment. 

All the help you need

  • I will be present in the private Facebook group each day to respond to ALL your posted work and answer questions.


  • At the end of each week there will be a LIVE Q&A session over ZOOM, during which you will be able to message questions. You can post questions in advance too and we often get onto new topics as the sessions progress. These are on Saturdays at 7PM (UK) but will be recorded and posted on the course for you to re-watch or watch if you missed it live.

Continued Access

  • You will have access to all the course material, videos and Q&A recordings for 6 months. The Facebook Group is yours for life!


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    If you're missing the community and creative input after the course has ended, this is the place for you! As a workshop student you'll get 25% off the monthly subscription for the life of your membership. To find out more about the members group, click HERE

About the workshop

Do you sometimes struggle for inspiration and knowing what to paint or how to make full use of your ideas? It can be difficult when starting a project, staring at a blank canvas or clean sheet of paper to know where to begin, even if you have a solid idea it can be hard to get going.

You will be shown how to develop your ideas in a visual way, so that by the time you finish the course your ideas will have matured to a place you were not expecting.

Surprising ourselves as artists can be the most rewarding thing. However, not knowing where we will end up doesn’t mean we have no direction. In this course you will learn that having a clearly defined working method is liberating not limiting.

Judy P.

"I enjoyed this course enormously and have nothing but praise for all that you have done for us all , Lewis,  but I also really hope that people will want to remain a part of this extremely supportive virtual community."

Kathy A.

"Lewis, this has just been an outstanding class, and so important for me!  I think I especially love having permission - and a format - to work from  a combination of outdoor sketches, photos, and personal responses to the landscape. 

Wow, I’m right on my growing edge.  The brain squeeze of discretion and composition had a field day with me today, but what a blast and what an amazing education!  THANK YOU LEWIS, for keeping it light, for having us work in our sketchbooks, for your amazing demos."

Sojna W.

"Lewis thank you for all your time, your knowledge and your heart to help each and everyone one of us travel further on our journey. You personally commented to each of us. I am so grateful. I will miss this class so much. You are a great teacher."


Week 1

  • Taking photos, sketching and gathering information, having strong source material means you are building on a solid foundation. You then work with this material to begin building your ideas.

Week 2

  • Here you will use the sketches and work you made in week one to make a series of rapid works on paper, further developing your ideas.

Week 3

  • In this week you will take the paintings you’ve made in week 2 and make a series of artworks using a combination of collage and painting that are lively, surprising and personal.

Lewis Noble

Lewis is a professional artist with over 25 year's experience exhibiting in some of the UK’s most prestigious galleries.

Through his extremely popular in person painting and sketching workshops Lewis has helped countless people find new ways to release their creative potential.

To find out more about Lewis and his work visit

Diana S.

"Some of my “art” friends say they are envious of the growth they see. I told them about this course which I felt was going to be “art” changing. Their loss. I’m beyond thrilled, Lewis. Thank you"

Libby A.

"I've filled up my big A3 sketchbook, I've run out of paper to sketch, paint and collage on. I've resorted to an A4 sketchbook to carry on with the collaging. This has been such a productive course. The process you have taught us is excellent, my head is full of the possibilities and I have full sketchbooks to refer to when painting. "

Sheila G.

"I've had the best time ever on this course. I've learned so much.  I've always loved painting but never had any formal training.  I'm retired now so I have all the time in the world to follow my dreams.  I've never had a sketchbook before and now I've got two...filled up!"